Friday, April 03, 2009

april note

Hi friends and readers,

My apologies for being a) absent and b) boring for this past few months. I am just back from a 10-day academic residency on Whidbey Island. I developed a teeth-chattering fever and stuffy head on the plane ride toward Seattle—I can’t recommend “contagious illness” and “commercial airline travel” in the same sentence. So I was intensely sick for the first three days of my travels, and I only really began to recover in the final three or four days. Traveling home wore me out again and I’m just beginning to pull out of all-sleep, all the time.

Where I am in my studies: I’ve chosen a hundred pages of my creative writing for my final thesis, and now I need to revise and edit those pages. While writing new stuff. While finishing my reading requirements. Revision is “the stuff” of writing but I tend to resist revision mightily.

I expected my mentor to kick my butt around, since I’ve been too busy and unfocused this year, with my writing. But he’s very supportive, and tells me the butt-kicking is my job, not his.

Anyway, I will probably be a little scarce for awhile. I will also dive into this blog and hack stuff out, wildly and with abandon, as soon as I get a moment. So read up, now!

If you ask me questions, you know I’ll answer, of course. When I don’t blog, assume I am working.

talk soon,