Wednesday, April 26, 2006

brendan's station

This is Brendan's collage to represent Jesus' "scourged and mocked," for the Stations of the Cross at our church. See the story below, Mean Old World. Posted by Picasa


Sheryl said...

There is a real profoundness in this collage, especially for a six year old

The faceless figures especially speak to me, and bring home to me how often we "scourge" others without remembering that as human beings they are made in the image and likeness of God

Denise said...

I feel the profound quality, too. From time to time, I've run across an artist who "knows more than he knows," to say things deeper than possible in his life, it would seem. Brendan has always been artistic, but this is so moving, beyond artistic.

I don't want to claim too much-- he's not an easy kid. I even wondered if he was drawn to this particular station because he himself can be hurtful and rough, sometimes, and when he actually "gets" how he has hurt another, he feels deepest remorse.

thank you for your response. my kid-- I'm shaking my head.