Saturday, October 21, 2006

autumn girls, bluebird and picnic quilt

I believe this is Madeleine, on the right, and her friend Lila on the left. I will see if there is more of a story-- found this in the big bin of collected paper productions.


Joel said...


Did Madeleine paint this??? It's fabulous!

Nice to visit your blog, finally! :)



Denise said...

Yes, that's definitely Madeleine's work. Her teacher says about people, that "their arms are embracing the sun's light and warmth," and she captures that well. I think it's magical that the people seem "unformulaic," real.

The painting is on notebook paper-- I "erased" the blue lines :)

I have no idea where the paints came from. We haven't had out paints in awhile, but babysitters find them, to become Art Slaves, fulfilling the artist's whims and demands.

I hope you read more, and talk with me about it, will ya?

Denise said...

News on the painting: M tells me she was "imagining the story of St. Martin for girls." St. Martin was the Roman soldier who tore his cloak in two and shared half with a beggar, then Jesus came to him in a dream, dressed in the half of the cloak given to the poor man.

So the girl on the right has the purse and the gold coins, like St. Martin had prosperity, and the beggar girl is holding a quilt. The bird seems so like the Holy Spirit, in this depiction...