Friday, March 23, 2007

spring chickens

I recently learned that some blogs are purely how-to writing: knitting blogs, spinning blogs, cooking blogs. Mine is a writing blog, but some fiber arts folks come by, too. I am polishing my "I can explain anything that I can do" skills for use in magazine writing. My first paid writing is for a high-end fiber arts magazine by a publisher that produces BEAUTIFUL books. I'm thrilled to have the name on my writing resume, and I'm thrilled for the check, coming soon to a mailbox near me!

Several of my fiber arts friends ask how to make chicks-- it's not literary, not deep, but here are some quick pictures. Initially, the "chick" is a ball of firmly wet-felted wool. I tie off the neck with really firm string, while the stuff is still damp, and pinch/pull the back to form a tail. When these "chickie-bodies" dry, make deep "V" cuts from the tail toward the head, to form wings. Eyes can be embroidered or needle-felted and the beak is a diamond-shaped piece of commercial felt, folded in half and sewn-on at the seam. Untie the "collar" or make a prettier one.

One dozen chicks await wings, eyes and beaks, and the race is on to get them finished, into their felted-egg homes, and into the two or three stores on my list. I'm packing my tools for a weekend trip to a scholarship interview, leaving in a few hours.


Lara said...

Oooooh! Who are you writing for? Spill it!

Linda said...

I've been offline for a couple of days, so I caught up on your blog tonight. I love the chickens and the nest--they are adorable! Thanks for sharing them. and I love your entry about your grandmother--she sounds a lot like my Aunt Belle--and my grandmother was always saying "My lands!" and "Lawsy!"

Congratulations on the writing assignment--and good luck on the scholarship!

Denise said...

it's a spin-off of Interweave... catch up with you later!