Monday, September 17, 2007


The story I want to post today is trapped in my laptop-- I can't find the blue cordy-thingy and I don't have a wireless modem, etcetera, etcetera. I promise I'll post soon. But for now, here's a fun hand-colored xerox-copied photo from when I was twenty-seven... that's pretty much what I looked like, blurry and starry-eyed.


Rock in the Grass said...

you haven't changed at all!

Rock in the Grass said...

yet you are probably changing in deeply profound ways

Denise said...

I was much, much cuter, then. However, my neighbor Jennie met me in 1985, then again in 1991, then again in 2001 or so, and she tells me I was quite "abrasive" for many years. Abrasive! Yikes! I believe I've lost a load of smugness, though there may be much more work to do on that. Cuteness or no, I'm glad when she tells me I'm maturing well.

As for alive-ness and alertness to the world, 27 was a very good year, and 45 is just the same kind of very good year.