Monday, October 15, 2007

road notes

Wednesday, I obsessed over my 45 pages of homework, a “packet” of creative writing and book annotations, and after six hours of work I hit the “send” button. Whew! The next deadline is in three weeks.

Thursday I packed a car for ten days of travel, including a wedding weekend with formalwear duties, including cave trip gear, including everything that I can think of. It’s the most unplanned car-packing that’s ever been, and the car looks like an explosion of kid-stuff inside. Scott removed a suitcase to fly home, today, and it’s great to have extra space to fill with the sweaters and jackets and stuffed animals.

The wedding weekend—so much to say. The two words floating in my mind are “transcendent” and “gutsy.” Then I skip straight to “the new heavens and the new earth.” I’ll see if I can write more.

And now sitting in a friend’s home, getting ready to visit Farmland later today. My father is not well. I’ll see my brother, spend time with my grand-nephew. My kids’ open hearts charm me—I said something about us staying with “my friend,” and they corrected me by saying “our friends, now.”

Wish me luck. October is the month to travel in the Midwest—so beautiful. But October is another word for “homesickness,” too, some longing that won’t be fulfilled this trip, either. I want to find a way to feel it, to not ignore it even if I’m tending children and managing maps. I’m praying for a heart wide open, for fearlessness, for God’s spirit to rush through, for healing, for peace. Farmland. Praying for a good time in Farmland.

Then there’s more road trip, too.

Much to say—not much wherewithal to say it this morning, but I hope to catch you up soon.

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Rock in the Grass said...

peace be with you