Sunday, May 25, 2008

traveling mercies

Writing a quick note from the middle of Pennsylvania, in a hotel where my children and husband are quietly settled in with books. It's MIDNIGHT and we are all weary, but clean and settled and still. The road trip quick-dash to Indiana has been filled with great treats: a visit with our best friend Hank, surprising my dad and stopmom by showing up to eat breakfast with them, time with my younger brother and his wife, a visit to life-giving friends who more than make up for the thirty driving hours (okay, more than thirty driving hours). One fabulous double-date, many hours of laughing with kids, much insanely good food.

The weather is the surprise star of this trip. We'll be home tomorrow night. Then I'm pushing hard for my last few days of the quarter, and the end of my kids' school year. Much to do. Glad to be traveling and away from my calendar, for a few days.

awash in gratitude, short on time...

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Carine said...

the weather has been surprising everyone this year Denise! In 3 days-we had record breaking heat (105)then, we dropped 40 degrees and had rain and wind. no wonder everyone's feeling awful