Friday, June 27, 2008

late June note

It was only a month ago that we visited eleven states on a trip to Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and points in-between. Two weeks ago I traveled to Schenectady, where my family had one vacation and I had another, with an overlap for sleeping and a few meals. (They thought it was a trip to The Baseball Hall of Fame. I knew it was a chance to catch up with Steve and do a little homework.) Last weekend we drove north to New Hampshire for the birthday party of Barbara Harris, the first woman bishop in the Episcopal Church, and yesterday we drove south to visit friends staying at a beach near Cape Cod. Next Monday Scott begins his summer school schedule and Madeleine begins her camp schedule, which means Brendan and I start our “quiet” schedule, too.

I am reading Dante and Augustine in preparation for my summer courses, and a little of Dorothy Sayers’ commentary on Dante. I have a juicy stack of books for “next reads” and I’m getting ready to launch into them, too, once I have a little more of my required reading finished. Somewhere in there, the laundry is getting folded and the family is being fed and the cat is begging to have his ears scratched again. I’ll write more when there is a bit more time to myself.

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