Friday, July 25, 2008

santa fe writing residency, day one

Yesterday I left the 106 degree heat of Phoenix to fly to Albuquerque, then shuttle to Santa Fe to this campus in the hills above the city. Weather here is An Event—searing heat, monsoon rains, a double rainbow stretched across the sky, cool breeze. I loved my time in Phoenix with my brother and his wife, two of the most delightful people on earth, but I’m happy to be away from the hum air conditioners, in Gloucester AND Phoenix. My window is open to the smell of the pines and sage, the apricot tree with its ripe fruits, a few steps away from our terrace. The quiet is like food.

Last year I arrived in Santa Fe with the triple threat of altitude sickness, jet lag, and the experience of being a new, green student. I’m glad to narrow the list to merely altitude sickness, with this (maybe momentary?) insomnia thrown in. I love knowing the layout of campus, settling into my room, my regular roommate, the deep quiet of night, here. I love knowing there’s incredible Southwestern food ahead of me, and conversations like food, also.

I’m off to refill my water bottle, then to try sleep once again. Even with the absence of sleep, it’s a good beginning.

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Lisa B. said...

Have a great time! It's so cool that this is your second time there and you are now one of the seasoned students... :)