Monday, December 15, 2008

looking for non-verbal diversions

Hey! I hate blogposts that say "hey, I've been lame about blogposts," but never has this message been more true. I just submitted a boatload of all-over-the-place pages to my faculty mentor, who just wrote me a gracious and honest response. And I've never been tired-er of the written word.

After I submitted my end-of-quarter work, I submitted a proposal for a $9000 scholarship-- of course after I hit the "send" button I doubted the content of my application. But it's sent!

Now I find myself cleaning house madly for school vacation, which starts Friday. And I find myself spinning yarn with my spindle, remembering how much I love color and wasting time on pretty stuff. Yarn therapy. I'm reading a novel, which feels just decadent. Scott and I are watching the John Adams miniseries. Kids are preparing Christmas gifts for teachers. And I am feeling delightfully boring.

I'll write as soon as I'm recovered.


Lara said...

So, I started with a little drop spindle, but I think I want to do the spinning for real... it's so slow this way and the actions seems so awkward. Perhaps I must practice more.

So glad to hear about a time to sit and breath in your life. You deserve it!

Amy said...

How are you guys enjoying the John Adams miniseries? I loved it.