Wednesday, October 14, 2009

quiet October morning

The weather is startlingly cold for October, but my condo by the sea responds well to sunlight. I will open the windows, soon.

Many student papers to grade. Also soon.

Much to tell, but I am swamped with work and deadlines. I'm also recovering from a hip injury-- I fell while hiking in New Hampshire in May, and my back remains stiff since then. I've been working hard with a chiropractor and an Alexander teacher, trying to work the kinks out. Monday was my first pain-free, stiffness-free day, and Tuesday was not so bad, either. All to say I spend a surprising number of hours on my back, on the floor, daily. And this means I'm neglecting you and my poor, poor blog-- can't blog very easily from the floor. I'm seeking a comfortable reading chair, which might remedy this situation. For now the floor is the only place my back tolerates well.

Many stories brewing in my head.

I must grade! The sun shines. The coffee is hot. The pencil is sharpened.

Will write more soon.

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