Tuesday, October 05, 2010

a possible plan for my blog

Dear Reader,

I have grown into a slothful blogger, and the more I focus on writing for publication, the more I neglect my faithful following here on this blog. It seems WRONG, doesn't it? To shortchange you, worthy reader?

At the same time, my files are so full of little fragments, false-starts but interesting ones I could follow up later. Today I'm thinking I'll post some fragment of writing every few days, and perhaps you can think of it as a prompt for your own memory, or a writing prompt. God forbid that anyone important should stumble onto a blog of unfinished thoughts and think that's all I can manage.

But then, that's kind of what blog posts are, no? Thoughts in progress? 

Tell me what you think of my idea.



emillikan said...

I'm in favor!
but I probably don't even have to tell you that, do I.

Amy said...

Me too! :) Post away, dear friend...

Anonymous said...

Like the plan! Give me something, even if short and incomplete!
Kathy J