Monday, January 29, 2007

a frig full of penguins

Freddi came for Sunday dinner of homemade chicken soup and cauliflower quiche, to show us her slideshow and videos of her recent trip to Antarctica. My children were working to make the visit special by bringing out the Penguin Pile-Up game, in which you try to keep your penguins on the iceberg. We would have held a dramatic reading of Antarctic Antics, a Book of Penguin Poetry, except we loaned out our copy to none other than Freddi, last week. "Where the weather is cold and dark-tica," is one of the favorite lines. After lunch I whipped up a batch of Edible Modeling Clay so we could each try our hands at professional penguin formation. I made Freddi solemnly swear she would tell no one that I found the penguin-making instructions on Martha Stewart's website-- Martha made hers of marzipan, living on an igloo cake, but ours are pure butter and sugar, with peppermint flavoring. So we can make thirty penguins, eat half of them, and there are still a pod of penguins enjoying a snowy day in our frig. Some look more penguin-like than others.

Edible Modeling Clay recipe is here

Kids ate their penguins with ice cream. Adults groaned at the thought of one more bite of sugar. Freddi's company was great, and we hated to see her go.

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