Wednesday, January 17, 2007

january falls the snow

My daughter created the most beautiful calendar for me, in school. I’ll try to get some scanned crayon drawings from it, soon—the illustrations are AMAZING. Here is the poem written in red crayon, in her best cursive writing, on the cover:

January falls the snow
February cold winds blow
In March peep out the early flowers
And April comes with sunny showers.
In May the roses bloom so gay
In June the farmer mows his hay.
In July brightly shines the sun
In August harvest is begun.
September turns the green leaves brown
October winds then shake them down.
November fills with bleak and drear,
December comes and ends the year.

January falls the snow-- one can only hope! Perhaps Friday, I hear, my children will have reason to play outside. It's a Waldorf school rhyme, so old no one knows it's source, recited every morning near the turning of the year.

Blessings on your year all of it, even the bleak and drear (my favorite line).

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Rock in the Grass said...

And I read it from the bottom of your world: we are now in our summer, with hot sun, sparkling sea, white beaches, and beautiful crystal clear blue mountains. Frome here on we go into a windy period, preparing us for autumn, with golden oak leaves and an approaching rainy season. Winter is grey clouds delivering drizzle, with intermittent stunningly sunny days, and perhaps some snowy mountains in July.

We are not "dreaming of a white Christmas", but instead go to the beach and dream of warm sand and good waves. And we "braai" (barbeque) on Christmas day.