Thursday, June 28, 2007

he doesn't understand irony

Brendan, age seven, spent half a day building a stunning pirate ship, complete with a billowing sail on a mast, all the while singing that the hills are alive with the sound of music-- at the top of his lungs and with deep sincerity. Looting and plundering, doe a deer a female deer.

A year ago Madeleine opened her extra special from-every-living-relative American Girl doll on her birthday, which is also Christmas night. I'd set aside one last present for Brendan to open, too.

"A BOAT?" He demanded with a shout, "A DUMB OLD WOODEN BOAT.... wait, what is that guy's funny hat? HEY IT'S A PIRATE BOAT! A COOL, COOL PIRATE BOAT WITH A CROCODILE!"

Madeleine asked what pirates do, and Scott quickly quipped, "We're not quite sure, but we know they love their mamas."

A few, just a few of my favorite pirate things, these.

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