Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I'm going to school. An official decision was declared on Father's Day, and I've been so busy and so close to elated disbelief that I haven't yet made announcements.

Not without fear and trembling, but I registered for classes and purchased a plane ticket, and I'm reading my textbooks. Frederick Buechner says the most important moment of a sermon may well be the silence before the speaking begins, the hopeful anticipation that something deeply meaningful will occur. Amidst the little tasks, setting up a school email account, wondering how I will pay all the school bills, needing this to work out, that silence of anticipation is where I live.

There and also atop Louise Erdrich's layer of earthen scum on the kitchen floor (see below). Where I live.

Madeleine and Brendan have crowded beneath my feet to make copies of sheets of paper dolls and all their paper accessories. Let's all wish them luck. Perhaps I should do the same, hawk something concrete at the yardsale to raise cash for school... Would anyone like to buy a blog entry?


Lara said...

I finally got my copy of Spin-Out. So fun! Love the pictures and your children are so beautiful and so obviously creative and excited about learning.

Amy said...

Congratulations, Denise! I'm so excited for you and this upcoming adventure. Details, perhaps, in a private email??

Anonymous said...

Wow Denise...I'm so excited for you...also looking forward to details. Hope the scholarship dropped from the sky...

we're thinking of you in Colorado...went to Ft. Collins yesterday, Boulder last week and Winter Park tomorrow...wish I could visit your favorite cider stand:)! Love from CO, Anna