Sunday, August 26, 2007

quick hello

Forgive my quiet! I've been on the road with my family, plus reading while waiting for the circus, writing while waiting for jury "impanelment," reading while listening to a bad cover of Tom Petty (but putting down the book for good covers of Van Morrison-- I'm not that callous!)

1600 miles on the Jetta, green green hills of Pennsylvania, friends in unexpected places, a coffee drink called The Italian Car Bomb (brewed coffee with an extra doubleshot of espresso, for the coffee-starved traveler.) Aunt Peggy and Uncle Irish, two of my favorite people on earth. Tooth fairy requirements while traveling, and a lovely Japanese tune called Sakura, which my children play on their recorders as we turn north off the highway to drive to their PopPop's house. Soon-to-be newlyweds, blessings. Margeritas.

My first Virginia Woolf (Where have I been?) A story swap.

I'll write again soon-- just getting my legs under me with the coming school year. Soon.

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