Monday, August 06, 2007


I'm home-- very long day, not worth discussing details of more waiting on more runways to be more late. Good thing I have my knitting. Photos soon-- one side is finished to the shoulder.

I got the movie greeting, though, like I've never gotten before-- small people jumping up and down with bouquets of flowers, with Scott writing notes about his ropes course day tomorrow, right behind them. A funny detail: they brought me a favorite bean and cheese burrito, when I'm coming home from New Mexico... Many hands carried my tremendous pile of luggage.

There are many pieces of abstract art constructed from sea glass and glue, and sticks and scraps, covering the table.

And many blonde-haired dark-eyed kisses, though it's too humid to be too close for too long.

Wish me sleep. I think I finished my reflection paper on The Four Quartets, or at least the draft, on the plane. One down and eleven to go this quarter.


Amy said...

Welcome home, friend! I'm sure it'll take quite a while to decompress and figure out new routines to incorporate these new writing projects. Blessings as you navigate that part of it all.

I'm looking forward to seeing you in less than two weeks, though!

Fredquest said...

I don't know how to say this without sounding like someone else, but I'm oh so very proud of you for launching off, diving in, opening yourself up, and whatever other cliche-like thing I can think of. Yeah, yeah, one can say that, in the end, when calling is concerned, there was no choice. Yet there were thousands of choices-of-sorts. The best one is to keep putting pen to paper, or finger to keys, or whatever, and write your stuffings out.
P.S. Hi to Amy....

Denise said...

Don't forget that you are instrumental, too, Fred. The late night typing of missives about calling and quests and finding what gives meaning-- and the comments on blogs, etc. Instrumental.

Thank you so much.