Saturday, December 29, 2007

beach cartoon

"We should probably think about heading back to the city."
--favorite New Yorker cartoon, crinkled carefully by living on our refrigerator door


Carine said...

Looks like me-I once stayed at the beach w/ contacs and wouldn't leave. dumb-da-dumb-dumb-dumb! Scratched my corneas. But I looked good. Young and stupid.

Rock in the Grass said...

I live in a beach resort: and people travel miles to come here. And will insist on going to the beach even when the weather is miserable "because we have traveled all this way to come to the beach".

Denise said...

I am not a natural beach-goer, but I've adapted. (Thank God for lavender -scented sunblock 30!) But once I'm there, often kids settle without complaining, and then it's hard to leave. "At the end," we find ourselves scrambling, children unfed and with blue lips, shivering, swarms of biting bugs chasing us mercilessly.

There is always some fool at our nearby beach with a bikini and a lawn chair, in the bleak midwinter, while the rest of us wear mittens.

Carine said...

Denise-you're so on target about the fools! dh and I were in Vegas last week, 45 was the high and a wind chill factor that made it feel as if it were freezing-you probably guessed-people were in bikinis and swimming!