Sunday, July 29, 2007

art more tangible

My laptop has a cool function called "photo booth." This is my Waterlily Tank, in progress. The yarn is gorgeous, in the colorway called Monet. I started at the bottom hem and am nearing the twelve-inch mark, when the pattern makes its next shift. I've been close to the early stages of headache, and somehow the knitting soothes my hands and my spirit.

Tomorrow afternoon, my writing residency "merges" with an arts conference, and I'm eager to have more interplay between tangible arts (I know the calligrapher Timothy Botts is featured, as is the illustrator Barry Moser) and what writers do. And there will be music by songwriters I admire. And a chance to rub shoulders with the chair of the National Endowment of the Arts. I'm not eager to meet more people and learn more names, though, so I'll be continuing to attempt to lay low, for my own poor extroverted self's sake.

Still, tonight I met a sculptor over dinner and we began to discuss fiber arts, until the rest of our dinner table left us to our own discussion (oops.) I forgot to lay low, as happens, I suppose. I loaned her a spindle and some wool, and she passed me a free ticket to a noted Folk Arts museum in town. Tomorrow.


Lisa B. said...

I love it when arts merge. It diminishes the need for constricting definition. If only more of life could be like that.

Thanks for sharing the pic of the tank...lovely colors!

How was the folk art museum?

Denise said...

UNBELIEVABLE! What a rest for a weary mind.

To be honest, I'm not all that interested in Folk Art, but there was an exhibit called Needles and Pins, about textile art tools around the world. I wanted to pick up every single object in the room!

I love to simply look, and to walk. Unfortunately I hurt my foot again, which is a disappointment.