Monday, July 16, 2007

hotpads for two guys who don't cook

Sometimes you can't get a funny joke out of your mind-- this project was a little like that.

My dad LOVES popcorn. As a child I believe we ate popcorn every single night my family was at home. I wrote about it here

So when one of my felted sweaters became too shrunken and thick to sew easily, and Father's Day was near, I envisioned the purple and blue plaid as background for a popcorn-themed set of hotpads, one for PopPop, Scott's dad, and one for PaPaw, aka PopPaw for the sake of this project. The photos were not terribly clear, but there are dotted lines indicating that the popcorn is in motion.

Probably no one loves these hotpads as much as I do.

Fun to find this photo today-- I just walked fifteen kids through basic design and hand-stitching of drawstring treasure pouches, crafted from "re-purposed" shrunken sweaters. I asked one girl, Emma, how she liked her bag, cut from the sleeve section of a kelly green sweater. "I especially like that it's cashmere," she answered.

"How did you know it is cashmere? Because you're right, of course, it IS cashmere," I asked.

"Oh, I KNOW cashmere when I see it," she said. She is ten years old. They grow 'em different in New England.

I turned to the little girl on the my other side, who was not as confident a seamstress. "By the way, yours is cashmere, too."

"Cool!" she answered. "I just like the shape." Me too.

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