Tuesday, July 10, 2007

weavers of rainbows

Photos to match earlier stories:

Weavers at work on a set of scarves for winter.

This is a well-crafted heddle loom for children, small and sturdy. The heddle lifts or lowers every other piece of yarn throughout the whole weaving, when pulled up or down with every other row, so no "over-under" calculations make for some really speedy weaving.

The bar nearest Madeleine winds the finished weaving in a roll, while the bar furthest away holds the rest of the warp, wound carefully and ready to be woven. It's an impressive little system! I like that the loom comes threaded, so the weavers can start without the hard part of learning to set it all up.

I need to learn to do the set up on my own, now that we've finished that project.

The Signature Quilt, written about in the story about a coverlet to match, last month.


Anna said...

Wow! I'm fascinated by weaving. The scarves are beautiful. The quilt is gorgeous, too.

Denise said...

One summer we moved to a summer camp in the woods, with no TV, no computer, no childcare-- but free meals and a lot of green space and live music. I decided to stock up on "real" craft supplies and to pursue anything that might hold my interest-- thinking my enthusiasm would carry us.

I purchased 1) a papermaking kit, the kit I'm using this week, 2) spindles for yarn-making, which I also teach now, 3) wool for felting, 4) tie-dye materials, 5) stuff to make huge bubbles 6) knitting supplies for a few projects.

I'm still using some of those supplies, purchased four years ago-- I just gave myself permission, then, to follow my interests, figuring that the kids' interests would come and go, but they needed to see me pursue things I love.

My mom was big on crafts, too-- less "organic" ones often, but she was interested in how things are made. Both of my brothers are engineers...